Free Stock Trading Simulator App

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Voleo SimuTrader is a free stock trading simulator app for investment clubs that lets you share stock trading ideas with your trusted friends.

Propose, Discuss, & Vote on Stock Trades

Once a club has been formed, any team member can make a proposal to buy or sell a listed stock or ETF at any time. Team members are then notified when a vote is required. Voting on proposals takes seconds, or alternatively, you can debate the merits of the trade with your team through a private, proposal-level discussion. On reaching a majority in favor of the proposal, the order is then hypothetically sent to market for execution. The Voleo free stock trading simulator app provides a safe environment to practice running investment clubs.

Free Stock Trading Simulator App for Investment Clubs


Track Performance

Voleo tracks each user’s decisions which enables team members to identify how those decisions have performed. This in turn creates a Definitive Return On Investment Decisions (D.R.O.I.D.) score, presented as a percentage, for each team member. Voleo considers this percentage, along with the return on proposals, win ratio, generation of alpha, and other factors to create an overall Voleo Score. The Voleo Score acts as your reputation in the Voleo free stock trading simulator app.

 Track Investment Club Performance

Manage Decisions

Your ‘My Decisions’ portfolio holds hypothetical positions that would exist if the team had voted with you. You can Lock these positions at the time you would have closed them off, therefore giving you control over how long each historical decision impacts your score.

This patented feature of the Voleo free stock trading simulator app for investment clubs allows you to follow top performing teams and individuals to get trading ideas in real time from those that have been making the best decisions.

Stock Trading What If analysis

Proposing, Discussing, and Voting on Stock Trades in Voleo

Social Network for Investment Clubs