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Voleo Investment Club Accounting- Manage Portfolio

End to End Investment Club Software

Each time your investment club makes a trade, individual member allocations are automatically assigned and calculated by the Voleo platform. All assets, subscription fees, and performance returns are automatically allocated among the club members and rolled up to the club level.

When you are forming the club, all you really need to do is to invite your members. Voleo will then get the Tax ID for you and your members and manage the whole process without the need for expensive investment club accounting software.

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Voleo Investment Club Accounting Records

Investment Club Member Accounting & Reporting

Each Voleo member is able to see their individual asset allocation and performance. These numbers are available for a specific timeline or for the entire period since the member joined the investment club. Individual Voleo users can be members of multiple clubs and can see these reports for each club or aggregated to the total holdings of this member.


Investment Club Account Software - Form 1065

End of Year Tax Deliverables

At the end of each year our clearing partner will provide your club with a consolidated 1099. These forms are usually generated in February and sent out to you based on your preferred communication method. Voleo will also provide you all of the information you need to file a Form 1065 and make it clear what each club member’s share was for your Schedule K-1.

Voleo makes it easy at every step of the way. The app gets the tax ID (EIN) on your behalf when you form the club, as well as provide your club, and each user, with the tax information required to complete your tax returns. All this without having to maintain any spreadsheets.

Trust us, this used to be hard and some traditional tax software for investment clubs costs hundreds of dollars per year and will not run your entire investment club like Voleo will.