Propose Discuss and Vote on Stock Trades

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One of the biggest benefits of the Voleo stock trading app for investment clubs is that it takes away the most frustrating part of managing an investment club, the need for members to propose discuss and vote on stock trades. Whether it’s to buy or sell a stock or ETF, the traditional club will require a lot of overhead to communicate on every trade. With Voleo however, every member of your investment club can propose discuss and vote on stock trades right from the phone using the Voleo app wherever they are.

Propose a stock trade

Proposing a buy or sell trade is as simple as picking the stock, allocation, and price, then submitting it to the rest of the investment club members to discuss or vote. Once proposed by a member, all other members in the investment club will receive a push notification to their phone to indicate they need to look at and vote for this proposal.

Members propose discuss and vote on stock trades

Discuss Proposed Trades

This is what gives us the name social trading app for investment clubs. Like any social media app, members discuss the proposed trade before voting. Every time someone posts an update on the discussion, all other members receive a push notification on their phone, this allows quick and timely responses to all trades and proposals. Of course, discussions don’t need to be about specific trade proposals, investment club members can initiate a discussion with the rest of the group without having to propose a trade. But of course, Voleo is designed to make the whole process to propose discuss and vote on stock trades.

App to discuss stock trades


Vote on a proposed trade

Once a trade is proposed by an investment club team member, and discussions are made, then all team members get a chance to vote on the trade. Your team charter decides the minimum number of votes required for a proposal to be approved, and a time limit ensures all members of your investment club can cast their vote conveniently from any location on their phones. Once the proposal reaches the minimum number of votes required, then it is automatically sent to market for execution.

Propose discuss and vote on stock trades

See how you can Propose, discuss, and Vote on stock Trades with Voleo