Start an Investment Club

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Voleo makes it easy to start an investment club so you can focus on trading and not the bureaucratic steps you would otherwise have to take to start an investment club. To setup an investment club with Voleo, you merely give the club a name, select a few operation parameters (such as simple or super majority, and the amount of time to vote) and invite your friends.  Each member inputs their personal information – it is a real brokerage account – and Voleo does the rest, including collecting signatures and filling all the required forms.

Start an Investment Club

Once you install the Voleo social trading app, you simply tap “Start a New Club”, decide what to name your club and upload a photo to identify with your investment club.

Start an Investment Club


Manage club charter

Voleo populates all the paperwork for your club.  As you invite members, they have to agree to the club charter and rules.  Of the key parameters, you decide on the minimum votes required for a trade, how many votes are required for quorum, and a couple of operational parameters. Voleo will then create the required documents and collect all the required member signatures and agreements (electronically) to start the investment club for you.

Investment Club Rules

Invite investment club members

Easily invite investment club members by entering their name and email or selecting them from your address book. Current members can vote on new member invites, and once registered, the new members can start proposing and discussing stock trades right away. You can start an investment club with a minimum of 3 members and have a maximum of 100 members.

Manage Investment Club Members

See how you can start an investment club with Voleo