Stock Trading Social Network

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Voleo is not just a stock trading app, it is a stock trading social network for you and your peers to form and manage investment clubs. Think of an app that allows you to form your investment club, invite members, vote and discuss on trades, and also execute these trades.

On top of that, Voleo allows you to follow top performing teams and individuals to get trading ideas in real time from those that have been making the best decisions.

Follow Top Investors

The stock markets have always been filled with rumors, and in the always-on world we live in there’s more noise than ever.  Turn off the noise, ignore the promoters and see transparently what top investors are doing, how they have achieved their returns, and leverage their insights to validate investment ideas with your trusted peers.

Voleo has adopted the advantages of social networks and applied them to the Voleo stock trading social network.

Stock Trading Social Network - Top Individual

Find and Share research

In a world where more information is available than ever before, timely and relevant content and research is important to make the right trading decisions. Voleo allows you to research companies, stocks and ETF’s, and to share any insight you have with your peers.

Collective decisions are much easier when the proposal is accompanied by a relevant research article or link, just like a regular social network, only its focused on stock trading for the investment club.

Stock Trading Social Network - Share research

Build a Reputation

Voleo tracks all decisions made on the platform and allows your members to lock their hypothetical positions at the point they would close them off, this enables you to learn as you go and compare your results with that of your club.  We call this a Definitive Return On Investment Decisions (DROID) score, which is a percentage, and normalize these with a 100-point Voleo score that factors in win ratio, risk-adjusted returns, activity and other metrics.

Your DROID score is your reputation on Voleo, and, when cultivated, it will give you followers on the Voleo stock trading social network.

Social Network for Stock Trading - DROID Score

See Voleo – The Stock Trading Social Network in Action