Thanks, Kanye.

For proving that stocks are cool.

We finally have an answer to the age-old question, what do you buy for somebody who has everything?: a gift that keeps on giving.

Over the holidays we saw a “what did Kanye give me for Christmas” style instagram story from Kim Kardashian featuring a small box of random items from household name brands. The box held a pair of headphones from Apple, a stuffed Mickey from Disney, a Netflix gift card, an Amazon gift card, and an Adidas gift card along with Adidas socks.

BUT! Then in the second small box were stock gift certificates to all of these companies: stock from Apple, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and Adidas. And to this we must say, well done, Kanye, well done. It’s a brilliant gift idea, and we couldn’t have done it better ourselves.

The great thing about giving someone you care about an investment is that you’ve been thoughtful about choosing a stock that you believe will bring them good fortune — literally. It’s a generous and wise gift that will (hopefully) appreciate and continue to keep on giving; perfect for all occasions.

What Kim didn’t share, of course, is how much stock Kanye purchased for her (we’re going to assume we couldn’t have even handled that), but that part is actually irrelevant. What is important, is that he has just made investing cool and popular. Obviously we’ve known this all along, but a little Kanye magic can go a long way when it comes to something that some may deem as boring, or say, less interesting than tapping through your friends’ instagram stories.

So now that investing is officially legit, here’s how you can invest like Kanye:

Kanye purchased blue chip stocks for Kim. A blue-chip stock is “the stock of a large, well-established and financially sound company that has operated for many years.” Obviously he believes that each of these companies has a bright future, perhaps for the following reasons (none of which are our recommendations, but simply public news):

Apple — AAPL

The stock is believed to be undervalued, according to this article from Nasdaq and the Oracle of Omaha. Analysts have argued that the company has plenty of potential to create the next technological must-have, based on their past record.

Disney — DIS

Investing heavily in the future of content streaming, Disney just acquired 21st Century Fox. They’re clearly taking a page from the HBO / Netflix playbook.

Netflix — NFLX

Analysts believe that Netflix’s global subscriber market is largely untapped, and the stock is up nearly 50% year-to-date.

Amazon — AMZN

In cloud and retailing, Amazon is an undisputed leader. Plus, the investor community is betting heavily on CEO Jeff Bezos’ ability to continue driving the value of the company up with his ability to attract and retain top talent, and iterate quickly, investing in growth opportunities and moving on from failures.

Adidas — ADSG-U.TI

Trading on the Frankfurt stock exchange, Adidas reported strong third-quarter sales in North America and China. For the future strength of some brands, sometimes you need look no further than your feet; Adidas is showing great staying power in fashion.

But blue-chip stocks are not cheap, and if you’re getting started in investing you’re likely looking at purchasing one, or just a few, blue-chips. So how can you get exposure to these types of companies on a limited investment budget? Here are a few ways:

  1. Invest in an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that holds these stocks. For example, there are plenty of ETF options that hold stocks in FAANG — an acronym for the top five performing tech stocks in the US: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.
  2. Invest in an index fund, like the S&P 500. The S&P 500 is a collection of the 500 companies with the greatest market capitalization on the NYSE or NASDAQ, and will give you exposure to Disney, Apple, Amazon, and Netflix.
  3. Start an investment club, and pool your capital to specifically invest in the stocks you’re interested in. As just one person you might purchase a few stocks in a blue-chip company, but with three other friends you could have a basket of stocks, and be diversified, each taking a share of the group portfolio. Plus, you get to invest together, and share Kanye-isms in your group chat. Download the investment club app here for iPhone and Android.

Please remember though, that just because someone else who has really good style purchased a certain stock doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Always do your own research to make sure you invest in what is right for you — investing isn’t one size fits all. Understand your investments and have an idea of your targets for those investments — aka, be strategic in where you put your hard earned cash. And finally, you must understand that while there are ways of minimizing risk, investing is never a sure bet.

But nothing great in life ever is. 🙂