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Learn how investment clubs work on Voleo

Why Invest Together?

Unlike solo investing, investment clubs allow you to make trading decisions as a team. By joining an investment club, you collectively contribute cash, build a group portfolio, and share the returns.

80% of our clubs are outperforming
the average of their members

How to Start Your Investment Club with Voleo

Invite Your Friends

Have friends in mind who want to start investing? Invite them to join your investment club, and get them started on Voleo.

Pool Your Money Together

To start your investment club, each member will have to contribute equally to your portfolio. This is the capital that your club will use to trade investments.

Make it Official

Simplify the legal process of starting an investment club with Voleo’s streamlined onboarding process.

Start Trading Together

Propose your first trade, build your investment portfolio, and start growing your wealth together.

Product Features

Manage your investment club, all in one easy-to-use app.

  • Discuss and Vote on Trade Proposals
    Use Voleo's chat tool to discuss new investment opportunities, propose stocks to buy and sell, and cast your vote on trade proposals. Choose the rules for what sends a trade to market – by default, proposals with at least 50% majority will successfully go to market.
  • Zero Commission and Save on Fees
    Investing as a team means you'll split fees between your club members. The more members you have, the less everyone pays. Pay no commission on your trades.
  • Follow the Voleo Community's Top Investors and Clubs
    Want to know what the secrets behind Voleo’s most successful investment clubs? View the trade decision history, portfolio, and growth of the top investment clubs in the community. Create custom leaderboards with your friends.
  • Simplify Investment Club Accounting and Tax Reporting
    Voleo provides your club members with all the necessary information to complete your tax returns, all without having to maintain any spreadsheets.
  • Create a Comprehensive Stock Watchlist
    Stay on top of new investment opportunities with your very own watchlist of stocks and ETFs. Share your findings with your investment club.
  • Build Your Reputation
    Cast your vote on proposals in your investment club in real time. Check your DROID and track the performance of your decisions over time.

Voleo SimuTrader

Not ready to trade real money? Hone your skills and practice trading paper money using Voleo’s SimuTrader app.

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