Voleo Nasdaq Equity Trading Competition

A Welcome from Voleo

As the technology partner behind the Voleo Nasdaq Equity Trading Competition, we welcome you to Voleo’s SimuTrader and a future of investing better, together. 

See Official Rules for details.

Missed the competition?  It’s never to late to practice

  1. Get the SimuTrader app here
  2. Form one or more clubs, and invite not less than two peers to each. 
  3. On the third member joining, each club will receive $1,000,000 of simulated currency and manage a portfolio of stocks, ETFs and even cryptocurrencies. 

Become an Ambassador

Anyone can sign up as a Voleo Ambassador to grow your network, share your passion for investing and earn great prizes!

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Propose, discuss, and vote on trades with your peers – anywhere, anytime.


Improve your investment acumen by following highly successful individuals and clubs in real time.

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We have made it simple and accessible for everyone.

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We have transformed investing from a frustrating chore, to a convenient and enjoyable social experience.

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