Why Investing is the Right Gift for Your Hunny

With the holiday season getting into full swing, we’re reminded here at Voleo that this time of year is really about showing your loved ones you care. And being the future-planning types that we are, we believe that there’s one special gift that fits in everyone’s stocking, and every wallet’s budget; an investment.

The beautiful thing about gifting a loved one an investment (besides the fact they can’t whip it back to the mall for a quick return – even if they sell it they’ve gained stock market experience), is what it says, “I want you to be successful.” There’s no way new sneakers say that (they say, “I want you to look fly,” which is helpful, but only in the short term), or that a piece of jewellry makes that type of statement (jewellry says, “I want the world to know you’re fabulous” but sinks a lot of cash into a pretty shiny thing that likely won’t appreciate). Giving the gift of investing is truly unique, it is a thoughtful gift that distinctly shows your desire for your hunny’s prosperity. Other than giving someone a house, what else says that?

Two great ways to gift the gift of future money? We recommend either an investment in a single stock or ETF you’re excited about and presenting it as a stock gift card or starting and funding an investment club with your chosen one, thus investing with them and helping to teach them about the wild world that is the stock market.

An investment club makes a real statement, not only about your affection, but about your true commitment to commitment.

You see, tying finances together is a truer testament to building a life together than much else – although dining furniture could come close. By creating an investment club and giving it a darling name, you establish your intention towards building wealth together and creating an open dialogue about money. It’s like the financial version of being co-founders and choosing the name of your company. Once you’ve established your mission and brand, you get to set about hiring together, choosing who you want to selectively add to your club.

So, in summary, here’s what we’ve learned about gifting the gift of investment to your sweetie:

  1. Money in the future is better than money today; it is the gift that keeps on giving,
  2. An investment shows you care and want to help teach your love the benefits of investing,
  3. You want to plan for your future together, a.k.a. an investment club = “baby, I’m committing to commitment”
  4. The gift of an investment can be the catalyst your special someone needs to get started in the stock market,
  5. You want to show them your truest you, and
  6. They already have enough themed socks.

Stockpile is a good place to purchase a stock gift certificate, and here’s where you can start a Voleo investment club. Happy holidays and happy investing!